Published Work


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Scholarly Articles

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Selected Poetry in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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Selected Poetry and Articles

“As it Came to Pass”. soft surface.

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Selected Editing and Proofreading 

2018–2016 Proofreader for contemporary arts magazine un Magazine.

2015 Editor, Thambarlam-ngirri Nyinge-nyinge Ngenarn Girli-girrim, My Feet are Itchy for Walking, Hector Jandany. Warmun Art Centre, East Kimberley, WA.

2015–2014 Chapter Coordinator, Radical Radio: Celebrating 40 Years of 3CR. 3CR Community Radio, Melbourne.

2014 Sub-Editor, Adding Pimento: Caribbean Migration to Melbourne, Australia. Eds. Karina Smith, Lisa Montague and Pat Thomas, in association with CaribVic, Melbourne: Breakdown Press.

2011–2010 antiTHESIS Editorial Collective, School of Culture and Communication, The University of Melbourne.

2010 Editor, Market Crossings: Plotting a Course through Preston Markets, Melbourne: Breakdown Press and TRAX.

2009 Editor, How to Make Trouble and Influence People: Pranks, Hoaxes, Graffiti and Political Mischief-Making from Across Australia, Melbourne: Breakdown Press.

2007 Editor, YOU: some letters from the first five years, Melbourne: Breakdown Press.

2007–2006 Copy Editor, NGO-in-a-box Open Source Website and CD Series, Tactical Technology, Poland.

2004 Co-editor with Eve Vincent of Scrapbook to Somewhere. Melbourne: Breakdown Press.

Interviews and Reviews

Franklin W Knight. Jamaica Observer. March 2nd 2011.

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